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UltraHLE emulates the following systems:

Name: UltraHLEUltraHLE was an emulator for the Nintendo 64. It was hailed by gamers as a massive step forward in emulation technology on its 1999 release. Emulating the N64 (which was only 3 years old at the time) made it the first of the N64 emulators to run commercial titles at a playable frame rate on the hardware of the time.
Homepage: UltraHLE Homepage

Downloads / Ports:
Name: UltraHLEVersion: 1.0.0Auf 3dfx Glide basierender Nintendo 64 Emulator.
System: WindowsDate:  
Homepage: no homepageDownload: Download UltraHLE for Windows (ultrahle.zip 235 KB)
AEP Rating: Rating: 3 / 10total: 38
User Rating: Rating: NAN / 10
Name: UltraHLE 2064Version: 1.05aNeueste und beste Weiterentwicklung von UltraHLE.
Trotz implementation von OpenGL und Direct3D Fähigkeiten nicht sonderlich gut, da wenig kompatibel.
Author/s: UltraHLE 2064 team 
System: WindowsDate: 2003-07-01
Homepage: UltraHLE 2064 HomepageDownload: Download UltraHLE 2064 for Windows (ultrahle105a.zip 727 KB)
AEP Rating: Rating: 3 / 10total: 6,043
User Rating: Rating: NAN / 10
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