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Post subject: uBee512 v4.2.0  PostPosted: Jul 22, 2009 - 09:37 AM
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uBee512 ist ein Premium Microbee 512K FDD Computer Emulator für Windows, Linux und FreeBSD.

uBee512 is an emulator for the Premium Microbee 512K FDD computers. It is available for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

Release Name: 4.2.0

See the INSTALL notes for the installation methods required for each
release, the INSTALL file will be found in every package. For the Windows
EXE installer just run the program and follow the prompts. A full list of
changes can be found in ChangeLog.

All binaries have z80ex and LibDsk statically linked in. Linux binaries
have other dependencies that must also be met.

The packages available in this release:

Contains the sources and Makefile to build and install.

Binary image for Windows systems, this may be unzipped directly over the top
of an existing installation.

Binary installer for Windows systems, installation uses an easy to use ´Inno
Setup´ installer application. The default location for install is
´c:Program files´. You may need to have Administration rights on W2000 and
later systems to install.

Binary package built using Ubuntu Hardy 8.04.1. It may be possible to use
on other versions and Debian based distributions.

A non platform specific binary RPM package intended for many RPM based

Binary package intended for Slackware or any Linux x86 installation, this
contains the installed directory tree (./usr/...) and files.

Binary package intended for portable R/W media installations (i.e. USB flash
drives). Start-up scripts provided allows running Windows or Unix versions of
uBee512 from the same drive without the need to install under the host
system. The Unix build of uBee512 may also be run from some ´Live CDs´.

22 July 2009 - SJK
uBee512 v4.2.0

New for this release:
* Added Microbee hard disk emulation.
* Added WD1002-5 Winchester/floppy card emulation.
* Added options --hdd0 to --hdd6 for WD1002-6 Winchester/floppy card.
* Added options --hdd3-close, --hdd4-close, --hdd5-close, --hdd6-close.
* Added hard disk image type ´.hd0´ (305 cylinders, 4 heads, 17 sect/track)
* Added Microbee mouse emulation and option --mouse.
* Added ´+mouse´ argument to --status option.
* Added Microbee mouse emulated status ´m´.
* Added --bootkey option to pass a key (scan code) to boot ROMs.
* Added --bpr option for repeatable break point action in debug mode.
* Added ´+pio´ argument to --regs option.

* Changed --verbose option to take an optional level argument.
* Changed middle mouse button to switch Microbee mouse mode on/off.
* Changes made to ubee512rc.sample and roms.alias files.
* Enumerated all the options in options.c (source code improvement)

* Prevent loading the fall back disk if any IDE hard drives used.

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