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Post subject: Diverse: KCemu v0.5  PostPosted: Jan 21, 2010 - 04:30 AM
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Eine neue Version von dem Multi DDR Heimcomputer Emulator (KC85/1, KC87, KC85/2-4, KC85/5, Z1013, LC 80, Polycomputer 880, BIC / A5105, Kramer-Micro-Computer und PC/M / Mugler-PC) KCEmu ist erschienen.

A new version of KCemu has been released. Quote: "KCEmu is a free emulator for the KC85 homecomputer series. It runs not only popular games as Digger and Boulderdash but also the special KC CP/M version called MicroDOS."


Add Video output (Theora/Ogg, AVI, MPEG4, VNC, Dirac, Schroedinger)
Add functionality to take Screenshots
Add emulation of the M052 module
Add RAF module (4MB RAM Floppy)
Add M033 ROM module (16k segmented ROM with TypeStar+RAMDOS)
Update rom image of the z9001 Mega-ROM-Module
Extend VDIP Emulation
Fix compilation on 64-bit systems
Support compilation on FreeBSD


Full change log:

* KCemu v0.5

* Fix socket error handling for MinGW

* Force usage of external libintl for MinGW compilation

* Update translations

* Update documentation

* Rename gtkbuilder files back to *.glade for easier xgettext handling

* Fix reading of version information in ./configure

* Update to gettext-0.17

* Merge branches ´libgtkex´, ´video´, ´screenshot´, ´m052-gui´ and ´mingw´

* Workaround for compilation problem with libintl

* Fix typo in gtk+ check

* Add theora and xvid libs for MinGW

* Update cross compilation script and installer to gtk+-2.18.5
This also adds new dependencies: freetype, fontconfig, expat.
Those are required when checking for gtk with pkg-config as
they are defined as dependency in the package configuration

* Remove sysdep.h from kc/system.h

* Add socket abstraction layer for MinGW compilation

* Allow usage of libtheora version 1.0
Relax the version requirement as version 1.0 of libtheora is still
used in most distributions. Because this version can not handle the
encoding in TH_PF_444 pixel format, it will only be used if we find
at least version 1.1 when doing ./configure.

* Update Windows Installer

* Add video output based on libschroedinger

* Add video output based on libdirac

* Fix encoder cleanup

* Allow different video frame rates

* Add video output based on libavformat (ffmpeg)

* Handle TH_PF_444 and TH_PF_420 pixel formats
The older theora codes do not seem to handle TH_PF_444. Even
the decoder included in firefox (currently on debian testing)
does not show files encoded in this format correctly.
So for now we encode only quality >= 85% with the new and more
accurate pixel format. Everything below this quality will be
encoded in TH_PF_420 format.

* Fix handling of empty dirty buffer and NULL filenames

* Add GUI for video encoder

* Add video output based on xvid encoder

* Add video output based on libvncserver

* Add video output based on libtheora/libogg

* Add dummy encoder

* Add interface for video output

* Update Windows Installer

* Add functionality to save screenshots
This is using the pixbuf library so it can save all the
formats this library provides (except for the ico format
that is disabled).
For now the compression options are fixed at a quality
setting of 90% for jpeg and a compression factor of 9
for png files.

* Fix compilation on FreeBSD
FreeBSD 8 still uses glib-2.20 as default. The method to check for a
valid ip-address was added in glib-2.22. Just add a small wrapper that
simply disables the check if glib is too old.

* Make default network settings configurable

* Move test client into test directory

* Emit signal only if filename actually changed

* Fix usage of GtkRecentManager

* Create library for custom gtk widgets

* Fix directory handling
When creating DirectoryList objects for a path that does not
exist closedir() was called with NULL. This seems to be ignored
by the Linux glibc but causes a crash on FreeBSD.

* Add compilation target for FreeBSD
This is currently needed to disable the compilation of the
joystick module.

* Fix headers for compilation on FreeBSD

* Remove obsolete comment

* Merge branch ´gtkbuilder´

* Merge branch ´m052´

* Merge branches ´z80core´, ´raf-module´, ´teledisk´, ´fix/64bit´,
´fix/fdc´, ´fix/mega-rom´ and ´fix/valgrind´

* Replace Z80 core emulation with libz80ex

* Extend teledisk export tool

* Add emulation of the M052 module

* Update rom image of the z9001 Mega-ROM-Module

* Fix EOT handling in READ_DATA and WRITE_DATA command.
Normally the end of data transfer is signaled by the terminal
count pulse. If there is no terminal count signaled, automatically
the next sector will be read until the end of track is reached.
Checking for end of track works by comparing the currently read
sector with the EOT value in the read command. So if we now read
the last byte of the sector that is defined to be EOT the read
operation is aborted and the "abnormal termination" flag is set.

* Switch from libglade to GtkBuilder

* Add RAF module (4MB RAM Floppy)

* Remove duplicate image entries that cause ´make install´ to fail

* Enable remote control via kcemu-remote command line tool

* Merge branches ´fix/64bit´, ´typestar´ and ´usb-vinculum´

* Add command line parameter to set VDIP root directory

* Add new default user ROM with VDIP software in kc85/5 mode

* Sort kc85 modules by module number

* 64bit: Fix definition of wav header

* 64bit: Fix type of variable

* Add M033 ROM module (16k segmented ROM with TypeStar+RAMDOS)

* Refactor emulation of segmented memory
The change makes it possible to use the base implementation
of segmented memory to handle both RAM and ROM modules.

* Update configure.in
- Remove detection of cppunit
- Fix warning about variable declaration

* Move command name mapping to factory method

* Add REN command

* Add RD command

* Add DLF command

* Add DLD command

* Add MKD command

* Add FWV command

* Add "cd /" command
This command is mentioned in the release notes of firmware
revision V03.64. It seems that only the first character is
checked as "cd /+" also executes the command instead of
giving a "Filename Invalid" error message (This behaviour
was checked on firmware V03.66).

* Change connect/disconnect message to use correct port 2

* Update start-up message

* Fix array delete

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