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Post subject: Diverse: PotatoMulti WIP  PostPosted: Jun 13, 2005 - 10:59 PM
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PotatoMulti ist ein neues Projekt von LTronic (Romain Tisserrand), er versucht ein modularen Emulator auf Java Basis für verschiedene Systeme zu erstellen. Das ganze wird Open-Source und ist auf SourceForge gelistet: http://sourceforge.net/projects/potatomulti/

Es gibt noch keinen Download, aber bereits Screenshots einer funktionierenden Watara SuperVision Emulation.

PotatoMulti is a new project from LTronic (Romain Tisserrand, author from several emulators) trying to write an emulator in Java capable of emulating various systems. It is listed at SourceForge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/potatomulti/.

There is no download yet, but you can already see the emulator in action emulating the Watara SuperVision.

PotatoMulti is my very own attempt to create open-source, multi-system, driver-basen emulator written in Java. It is especially targeted to older emulate home entertainment systems, such as 8-bit / 16-bit video game consoles and personal computers. The software should be able to run as an applet deployed online as well as a standalone application (which actually, is already the case...)

There are three main areas of development for this project :

- Emulation framework, which aims at providing a clean framework to work with, generally modelling common hardware found in older systems, and providing generic functions to work with bus, interrupts, CPUs. This can be seen as the base layer of all drivers. This part of the project is under heavy development.

- Emulation drivers, built on the top of the framework. Obviously, one driver = one specific hardware. Here are the current drivers implemented and their respective status:

* Sega Master System : Fully working, great compatibility
* Sega Game Gear : Fully working ,great compatibilty
* Nintendo GameBoy : Not working
* NEC PC-Engine : Working, good compatibility
* NEC PC-Engine CDROM² : Partially working
* Watara SuperVision : Work-In-Progress (several games run up to main screen...)

I have also written two drivers emulating Texas Instruments TI-86 / TI-89 scientific calculators (pretty useless, but great for debugging Z80 and Motorola 68000 CPU cores).

- Emulator system, performing system common tasks to be able to run the drivers within any context (as applet or applicatin, or for switching between several rendering engines for example). This area is getting really close to completion.

Well, I think that´s enough right now. I really invite you to check this page and SourceForge´s project page (where there are a few screenshots of PC-Engine, Master System and Game Gear drivers running) on a regular basis. Please note that I´m just starting to build the CVS tree, but it should be more complete at the end of this weekend.

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