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Post subject: Diverse: uBee512 v5.0.0  PostPosted: Sep 07, 2010 - 12:57 PM
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uBee512 v4.7.0, ein Emulator für auf Microbee Z80 ROM, FDD und HDD basierende Microcomputer ist erschienen.

uBee512 v4.7.0, an emulator for the Microbee Z80 ROM, FDD and HDD based microcomputers has been released.

New for this release:
* The new sound driver is now the default with the older code having been
removed altogether. The new code produces excellent sound quality and has
less drop outs.
* Added an audio DAC parallel port device argument of ´dac´ to the
--parallel-port option to select the new 8 bit DAC emulation.
* Added EMUKEY+PAGEDOWN hot key to emulate a Microbee ´power cycle´. This
action has also been added to the OSD menu.
* Added --powercyc option to perform a ´power cycle´.
* Added joystick Hat events to generate pseudo button numbers.
* Added --js-hat and --js-hatb options to set joystick hat parameters.
* Added --js-kkb option to make defining mapped joystick keys easier.
* Added --js-shift option to set the new joystick SHIFT button feature.
* Added joystick SHIFT button functionality that effectively doubles the
number of button actions to 255-511.
* Added ´hd-teac´ and ´hd-mscribe´ hard disk formats to the
´libdskrc.sample´ file.
* Added Swedish PC85 ROM set (PC85S) aliases to ´roms.alias.sample´

* Changed --js-ACTION options to take multiple button values.
* Joystick shifted button numbers 256-511 can now be specified.
* Added axis and Hat button numbers when using --modio=+joystick argument.
* New default joystick buttons are used and enabled by default. See
´joystick.c´ or ´games.ini.sample´ for the joystick layout:

JS E|O : Up (128|144).
JS F|P : Right (129|145).
JS G|Q : Down (130|146).
JS H|R : Left (131|147).
JS K|L|T|U|X : Fire (0|1|0|1|11).
JS A|I : Player 1 (4|8 ).
JS C|J : Player 2 (5|9).
JS B|M|N|V|W : Spare (6|2|3|2|3).

JS Shift : Shift is button ´D´ (7).
JS Shift+A : Mute sound on/off (4).
JS Shift+B : Full screen on/off (6).
JS Shift+C : Pause emulator on/off (5).
JS Shift+Up : increases sound volume.
JS Shift+Down : decreases sound volume.
JS Shift+Right : increases window size.
JS Shift+Left : decreases window size.

* The BeeThoven device no longer requires an ´OUT 1,3´ before using it.
* Improvements in speed made to CRTC functions.
* Major changes to the ´games.ini.sample´ and ´ubee512rc.sample´ scripts to
make setting up the joystick easier and more flexible. Emulator commands
now make use of a Joystick shift button.
* Changes made to the ´ubee512rc.sample´ file.

* Changes made to --varuset option so that ´varname´, ´varname=´ and
´varname=value´ all work.
* Fixed --setvar option when attempting to set a variable that had no ´=´
character. The variable was being set but could not be located without it
so now one is appended if missing. ´--setvar myvar´ will get set and
* Changes made to --setvar option to first check for an existing variable by
the same name and removing it before setting the new variable.
* The --js-axis option was doing nothing and has been fixed.
* Fixed hard disk image type ´.hd0´ to have 306 cylinders, not 305.

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