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Author Message
Post subject: N64: 1964mod v1.4.5  PostPosted: Sep 20, 2011 - 08:36 AM
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Der auf 1964 basierende Nintendo 64 Emulator 1964mod wurde wieder aktualisiert.

The 1964 derivate 1964mod has been updated.

Core Changes & Fixes:
  • Re-organize timer events, interrupt codes and game ini settings
    - fix Banjo-Tooie(U) random intro cutscene hang
    - fix Beetle Adventure Racing(E) in-game hang when car crash into objects with force
    - fix Body Harvest intro / in-game hang (no need to use RAW input)
    - remove Azimer old fix for Banjo-Kazooie
    - remove Hacktarux Banjo-Tooie hack for N64 Boot
  • Fix a regression bug in ListView column items from an earlier BoxArt fix
  • Enhance ListView Column checks using status info from ini
  • Enhance GameName column detection using status info from ini
  • Enhance emu window placement and sizing stability and robustness
  • Re-write speed hacks algorithm (aggressive mode)

  • improved game sound quality by increasing audio cycle and reducing audio delay e.g.
    - fix Star Fox(U) cracking sound from using 1964Audio
    - fix Pokemon Stadium 2 cracking sound from using 1964Audio
  • improved audio counter synchronization
    - fix Top Gear Rally missing sound/flickering video (BGM=10,SFX=2,volume=high)
    - improve South Park Rally intro audio and video synchronization
  • improved existing timer counter speed hack
    - reduce counter targets check for immediate timer counter countdown
  • tweak the Audio "k" value

  • consolidate and refactor video speed hacks into one simple speed hack
    - fix Blast Corp (regression from v7)
    - fix unstable speedup variation (too many speed hacks conflict)
    - fix misleading VI/s counter
    - fix games soft volume e.g. Top Gear Rally music sounds better
    - MyGlide64 is no longer Zilmar spec compliance
  • tweak the Video "k" value

  • Re-organize MusyX games detection and handling
    - replace MusyX games default timing from DELAY_DMA_AI to new DELAY_MusyX
    - bypass certain MusyX game default timing for good game audio with 1964Audio e.g. Pokemon Stadium 2, StarFox(U)
    - reduce audio cycle and audio delay for normal MusyX games to avoid speed slowdown and for full VI/s speed e.g. South Park Rally, TWINE
  • Replace "UsingInternalVideo" with an emuoptions and codes cleanup
  • Fix old GUI timer which timeout easily which last for entire emu session
    - create new GUI timer for each game session
    - kill new GUI timer at the end of each game session
  • Fix "out of focus" romlist selection mark for the following:
    - close ROM
    - exit the emu
    - "Plugins" dialog box
    - "Folders" dialog box
    - "Window" dialog box
    - "RomInfo" dialog box
    - switch to BoxArt window
    - "Cheat Codes" dialog box
    - specific plugin dialog box
    - "Rom Browser" dialog box
    - "About 1964mod" dialog box
    - "ROM Properties" dialog box
    - "About Warranty" dialog box
    - refresh (Ctrl-L) romlist or BoxArt window
  • Some minor changes

Plugin Changes & Fixes:
  • Incorporate official Glide64 fixes till r251
  • Minor changes to 1964Audio for MusyX games
  • Fix random lost of audio for Tarzan (1964Audio)

Other Changes & Fixes:
  • Fix wrong statusbar message for rom loaded when same internal name for different roms are loaded in succession e.g. Perfect Dark
  • Fix Rom Browser window with zero column enabled on initial 1964mod startup. The first 5 columns of Rom Browser window will be automatically enabled on emu startup
  • Implement common debugging logs
  • Change default input plugin to "1964modInput_v3.0.0.dll"

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Post subject: N64: 1964mod v1.4.5  PostPosted: Nov 10, 2011 - 09:50 PM

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1.4.6 Final
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