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Author Message
Post subject: N64: 1964mod v1.4.6  PostPosted: Nov 11, 2011 - 11:34 AM
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Eine neue Version des auf 1964 basierende Nintendo 64 Emulator 1964mod ist erschienen.

Danke an Morku für die News.

The 1964 derivate 1964mod has been updated.

Danke an Morku für die News.

1964mod v1.4.6(Final) Release

Core Changes & Fixes
  • Standardized naming from 1964 to 1964mod for future source release
    - update ´About" box text and English.lgm
    - update copyright text etc
    - update ini keynames etc
    - update the following with new name: 1964modCore.ini, 1964mod.cht
  • Re-write the handling of MusyX ucode passed from 1964mod Audio
    - filter out MusyX "false positives" not detected correctly using old method:
    Pokemon Stadium 2, Star Fox(U), South Park Rally, BassMaster2000, Power Rangers
  • Re-write part of VIInterrupt
    - refactor screen update refresh codes to reduce frame swap delay:
    Star Wars - Shadow of Empire, Hexen, Perfect Dark, GoldenEye, DK64, Top Gear - OverDrive
    - fix certain missing frame by detecting framebuffer read/write by CPU:
    DK64, Hexen, Starcraft, Superman
    - must use Zilmar Audio for the following games:
    Fighting Force 64
  • Fix case 4 in r4300i_ldl
  • Ensure flashram handle is closed successfully before it is null
    - fix closing empty flashram handle for non-related savetype
  • Skip reading of newly created flashram savefile content to RDRAM
  • Convert CPU instruction temp function variable(32bit store value) into a static variable
  • Fix lighting regression from an earlier change
  • Bypass R4300 instruction - return from exception:
    Re-Volt (fix hang before in-game)
    South Park - Chef´s Lu Shack (fix hang before in-game)
  • Fix fullscreen switching bug(cannot go fullscreen & browser hang when game is closed) for the following games:
    South Park Rally, Super Smash Brothers

Plugin Changes & Fixes

1964mod Audio:
  • Re-write the MusyX ucode detection that pass to the emu core
  • fix missing audio for MusyX loadstate
  • fix random lost of audio for MusyX games during in-game e.g. Tarzan
  • fix 1964mod Audio regression for BassMasters2000 & Power Rangers
  • games detected as MusyX e.g.
    Gauntlet Legends, Hydro Thunder, Resident Evil 2, Rush 2049, Tarzan, TWINE
    Fighting Force 64, NBA Showtime - NBA on NBC (currently not working with 1964mod Audio)
  • Re-write audio fillbuffer selection algorithm and refactor related portion of fillbuffer codes
  • Fix audio bug that breaks game loadstate audio when AI_LEN_REG=0 do a return
  • Fix wrong audio syncspeed startup status when its last shutdown status is 0
  • Fix 1964mod Audio interrupt check bug that break the following non-MusyX games:
    Turok - Rage War (fix missing sound)
    Turok - Dinosaur Hunter (fix 1st level hang & now running at max VI/s)
    Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil (fix slow speed & now running at max VI/s)

  • Fix ugly lines in games e.g. Mace, MegaMan, Tetrisphere, NewTetris, Bomberman Hero, ArmyMen Air Combat
  • Fix Body Harvest horizontal line across the sky when viewed upwards
  • Fix MIA, Starcraft64 and Command&Conquer truncated sprites when resolution doesn´t match aspect ratio(ini)
  • Fix Mahjong Master where in-game cursor is behind its keyboard letter (ini)
  • Fix Midway Greatest Arcade invisible text (ini)
  • Fix MIA Hamm Soccer 64 missing framebuffer effect frame (ini)
  • Fix Mystical Ninja Goemon transparent text box frame (ini)
  • Fix Super Robot Spirits truncated fillrect when resolution doesn´t match aspect ratio(ini)
  • Fix Super Robot Taisen(J) ugly vertical line cut text & missing transition effect(ini)
  • Fix Mario Golf64 black fade-out after the 9th hole scene transition(ini)
  • Fix Doraemon 3 clipping bug(green chair) in intro video cutscene(ini)
  • Games playable with "Read Every Frame" (F6 hotkey) set as default (ini)
    Banjoo-Kazooie - sound is still good
    Body Harvest - game menu is slow but in-game is full speed, good sound
    Mario Golf - sound is still good
    MarioKart - sound is still good
    Ridge Racer - game menu is slow but in-game is playable, sound is still good
  • Incorporate official Glide64 fixes till r259 to MyGlide64

  • Fix AeroFighter Assault distorted hanger texture and white smoke in boss intro portrait(ini)

Other Changes & Fixes
  • Fix plugin menu option "not grayed" when plugin is not found / loaded by load plugin function
  • Fix load RSP plugin bug even if it is available
    - make Zilmar RSP.dll as default RSP plugin

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