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Post subject: N64: 1964 1.2 (r107)  PostPosted: Jan 16, 2012 - 10:06 AM
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Der Nintendo 64 Emulator 1964 wurde aktualisiert.

The Nintendo 64 Emulator 1964 has been updated.

1964 1.2 (r107) 16.01.2012 7:03am
  • r107 Update the ROM_Properties.ini file to reflect more recent changes
  • r106 1964Video: Remove OpenGL, it is my view that this plugin should be more focused towards DirectX, and that the OpenGL side should be a completely separate plugin, for instance like Rice Video Linux(Has a more complete OpenGl then our current source code anyway). If someone disagrees and gives a good enough reasoning for it, i will re-add it.
  • r104 1964 Core: Ability to overclock N64 to get higher framerates or to underclock to get better performance. (1964Ultrafast by RetroRalph)
  • r103 1964 Core: Removed uneeded speed hacks to make emulation more accurate. (1964 Ultrafast by RetroRalph) (Stretching his updates over several commits to make sure if any problems occur they are able to be isolated) Remove unnecessary setwindowtext´s Remove more unnecessary link dependencies restore functionality to launch games by CMD that was accidentally removed
  • r102 1964 Core: More accurate DYNAREC emulation - 1964Ultrafast by RetroRalph Remove unnecessary link dependencies
  • r101 1964 core: Optimize the interpreter (1964 Ultrafast by RetroRalph)
  • r100 1964: (Warning this may break stuff, its not complete and is more committed so i don´t accidentally wipe it) Even more cleanups of the win gui code Removed some useless checks and removed of some features that are more likely to cause problems then anything Remove unnecessary plugin loading code Remove unnecessary extra PeekMessage in the WindowMsgLoop
  • r99 1964 Emu: ~ Work in progress cleanup of the 1964 UI Dec 6, 2011death2droid
  • r98 1964: Fix for the Real Time clock bug (Taken from Surreal64 which is derived from a fix by the Mupen team) Small optimization by inlineing some code RiceVideo (1964Video): General cleanup of all code, removing obsolete code and adding tiny speed fixes. Dec 4, 2011death2droid
  • r97 1964 Input changes ~ Change around code so xInput doesn´t override all other settings, it should now be possible to have different inputs, however at the moment xInput controllers are loaded in as, 1, 2, 3, 4 This means that if you are player 3 and want to use an xInput device you have to have 3 xInput devices connected. Also the plugin does not currently load back in xInput settings, i have no idea how the loading of ini files work as the system seems to use hashs that i am unable to replicate
  • r96 [~] Tryed and cleaned up the code a bit more [~] Switched some of our code more over to code RiceVideo Linux UseShadeForConstant Slowly cleaning up the code -.-
  • r95Changes [-] Removed all combiners from OGL besides the Fragment Shader [~] Cleaned up the combiners a bit [~] Cleaned up the device builder a bit [~] Removed code no longer needed
  • r94 Changes [-] Remove all combiners for DirectX but the Pixel Shader, the other combiners werent as complete as the Pixel Shader and were more there for people who had graphics cards that didnt support at least pixel shaders 1.1. There´s probably still lots i could do to clean up the combiner some more as well.
  • r93 Changes [-] Remove the TNT Combiner, it should no longer be needed and is not as complete as the pixel shader [!] Merge in the vertex clipping code used in Surreal64, this fixes the problem where vertex´s were being clipped even though they are still on screen.
  • r92Just some shitty modifications... Cleaned up a bit of the alternative texture loading code... i still cant find out why its going weird... if someone finds it out ill be grateful if you could teach me what i missed
  • r91Allow mip mapping to be toggled for both OpenGL and DirectX

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