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Author Message
Post subject: N64: Mupen64Plus v1.99.5  PostPosted: Mar 10, 2012 - 11:32 PM
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Eine neue Version des Multiplattform Nintendo 64 Emulators Mupen64Plus wurde veröffentlicht.

A new version of the multi plattform Nintendo 64 emulator Mupen64Plus has been released.

Mupen64Plus v1.99.5 - March 10, 2012
Audio-SDL Plugin
  • added version number to SDL-audio plugin config parameters, to support future changes
  • updated audio plugin for new Mupen64plus 2.0 API versioning scheme
  • makefile fixes and improvements
  • Console-UI Front End Application
  • New option to disable internal core speed limiter (for benchmarking)
  • Updated Console-UI front-end for new Mupen64plus 2.0 API versioning
  • Added config version number for UI-Console section
  • makefile fixes and improvements

    Core Emulator Library
  • New feature: support for N64 internal real-time clock
  • use X-Scale´s PIF-CIC algorithm instead of the hard-coded challenge-response pairs
  • New config parameter for path to save SRAM/EEPROM/MPK files, so they can be separated from emulator snapshots
  • updated core for new Mupen64plus 2.0 API versioning scheme
  • split core configuration data into 2 sections: Core and CoreEvents. Added version numbers and upgrade handling to both
  • Accurately emulate the RSP DMA operation (from Bobby Smiles)
  • bugfix: #290 - OnScreenDisplay text is sometimes captured in screenshots
  • bugfix: when the front-end specifies an override for the configuration directory, always use this path, so that we don´t load the config from there and then save it back to the default user path
  • bugfix: #468 - On-screen-display problem under OSX
  • bugfix: Use option SaveStatePath from config file
  • bugfix: don´t call SDL_Quit() until the core library is being unloaded. fixes some front-end use cases
  • bugfix: #410 - segfault in dma_pi_write()-->strlen() if /home/username/.local/share/mupen64plus/ owned by root
  • bugfix: for Interpreter cores, use proper math functions for ceil/floor/round/trunc instead of x87 rounding modes
  • many makefile fixes and improvements

    Input-SDL Plugin
  • Improved input setup behavior (auto-config) to make some use cases more friendly
  • Updated input plugin for new Mupen64plus 2.0 API versioning scheme
  • Added version number to SDL Input plugin parameters
  • Add new parameter for mouse sensitivity, handle mouse movement differently so mouse is easier to use as controller
  • New auto-configuration for controllers:
    - raphnet technologies GC/N64 usb converter
    - Logitech Chillstream Controller
    - Jess Tech Colour Rumble
    - Xbox 360 linux userspace driver
    - Generic X-Box pad
    - Saitek P2900 Wireless Pad
    - Jess Tech USB 4-Axis 12-Button Gamepad
  • bugfix: #392 - when switching between rumble pak and memory pak, simulate removing the pack, waiting 1 second, then inserting the new one
  • bugfix: #424 - problem with USB devices supporting multiple controllers per device
  • bugfix: #409 - PS3 controller not auto-detected in Gentoo when connected via bluetooth
  • bugfix: correctly handle USB devices with multiple game pads, from Peter Helbing
  • makefile fixes and improvements ´

    Rice Video Plugin
  • Hires texture loading: support for 8-bit PNG images
  • New config option for forcing vertical sync
  • Check OpenGL attributes after creating video window and report any that failed to set
  • Updated video plugin for new Mupen64plus 2.0 API versioning scheme
  • Update to Video API version 2.1.0.
  • Bugfix: hi-res textures: Scale highres textures by precalculated scaleShift exponent
  • Bugfix: dont call CoreVideo_Init() inside of the !InitializeGFX() function. This will fix some front-end use cases
  • Bugfix: Fix z coordinate in 3d line rendering
  • Bugfix: double infinite loop in GetValidTmemInfoIndex
  • Bugfix: Perfect Dark randomly crashes due to divide-by-zero error
  • Bugfix: crash in loading Celda 2009 hi-res texture pack for Zelda Ocarina of Time
  • makefile fixes, improvements, and code cleanups

    RSP-HLE Plugin
  • Handle JPEG decompression, used in Ogre Battle 64 and Pokemon Stadium
  • updated RSP plugin for new Mupen64plus 2.0 API versioning scheme
  • bugfix: #102 - Missing backgrounds in Ogre Battle 64
  • many makefile fixes and improvements

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