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Post subject: Boxer v1.3 for Mac OS X  PostPosted: May 28, 2012 - 09:36 PM
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Boxer ist ein Frontend für DOSBox und Mac OS X und wurde aktualisiert.

Boxer is a Mac OS X front-end for the DOS emulator DOSBox.

What’s new in Boxer 1.3:

New features:

Volume control slider in the statusbar and menu, with Cmd+Up/Cmd+Down shortcuts. (CPU speed shortcuts have been moved to Cmd+Opt+Up/Down.)
Save screenshots to the Desktop with Cmd+Shift+S.
Fast-forward games with Cmd+Opt+Left arrow.
Improvements to gameboxes and importing:

Gameboxes remember all the drives you had mounted last time, even when the drives aren’t part of the gamebox. This makes it super-easy to keep an external folder mounted as a drive, e.g. for sharing documents or utilities.
Closing the import window while it’s running an installer lets you finish up the game import immediately (instead of stopping the import.)
Missing gamebox icons are regenerated next time you launch the gamebox.
Smarter input handling:

You can now paste text from OS X into any DOS program.
Your keyboard’s media keys can now be used to pause, resume and fast-forward the emulation.
More useful keys added to the Send Key menu.
Mouse-button shortcuts now work better for games that require a left-then-right-click or right-then-left-click (e.g. Cannon Fodder, Ultima Underworld.)
Added detection for Turkish and US International keyboard layouts.
Switching your OS X keyboard layout also switches the DOS layout if possible.
More helpful help:

Help guides for patching games and installing game expansions.
More helpful advice when trying to import games that are inside Windows installers (e.g. GOG releases), and better help for Windows-only games.
More helpful advice when trying to import a Classic Mac OS game or hybrid MacOS+PC disc.
Clearer warnings when trying to run a Windows-only program from the DOS prompt.
Bugs squashed:

Fixed arrow-keys and function-keys occasionally getting stuck when “Ignore OS X hotkeys while a game is running” was enabled.
Fixed CPU-speed keyboard shortcuts not repeating properly when held down.
Fixed broken import of GOG release of Rayman.
Fixed hang during import of GOG release of Betrayal at Krondor.
Fixed missing music in GOG release of Dragonsphere.
Fixed GOG games starting up with the wrong configuration when launched immediately after importing.
Fixed soundcard-related crashes in Alien Breed: Tower Assault, Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel and others.
Configuration fixes for Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers and Déjà Vu: A Nightmare Comes True.
Improved detection of Blackthorne and Ignition.
Fixed Game Inspector program list appearing blank if the default program wasn’t in the list.
CD audio playback is now paused properly while the emulator is paused.
OS X 10.7: Fixed windows restoring with the wrong position after being quit in fullscreen.

Related links:
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