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Post subject: ICE64 v3.1.0 (Beta)  PostPosted: Sep 02, 2012 - 06:54 PM
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ICE64 ist ein Nintendo N64 emulator basiered auf denn code von 1964mod..

ICE64 is a Nintendo N64 emulator based of the code from 1964mod.

ICE64 v3.1(Beta) is released!
posted Aug 31, 2012 6:11 AM by Pokefan 999 [ updated Aug 31, 2012 6:19 AM ]
ICE64 beta releases are meant for ICE64 testers and advance users who knows the risk involved.
Normal users should use v3.0(Final) or wait for v4.0(Final).

Core Changes

correct the "Download Plugins", "ICE64 homepage" & "Online Help" website link
refactor and rewrite portion of Core framebuffer handling codes
rewrite part of DMA functions logic (experimental)
new PI_IO_Timer, PI_IO_COUNTER_TYPE & PI_IO_Timer_Event
new PIcount , SPcount & SI len check
new SI status check for SI DMA interrupt and fix SI timer bug for CPU check interrupt
new parm for check and invalidate compiled blocks for dma and related functions
rewrite Flashram handling logic and update related functions (experimental)
new error check
new Flashram Status check function
new PI DMA logic check for flashram
refactor and rewrite flashram command handling logic
new DMA IO status check logic
partial rewrite of loadstate logic and related functions
partial rewrite of dyna fetch handling logic and related functions (experimental)
update rom close logic
codes cleanup to improve stability
minor audio codes update

ICE64 v3.0(Final) is released!
posted Aug 17, 2012 11:11 AM by Pokefan 999 [ updated Aug 20, 2012 2:27 AM ]
Core Changes

remove debug opcode check
new address boundary check for PI, SP, SI and AI
minor update to flashram codes
fix a SRAM read mem bug
new audio interrupt check function
update SP task function codes
new aud calculation logic for MusyX
allow NBA Showtime to use higher CF at 4X speedup
minor update to gfx interrupt check codes
minor update to audio plugin interrupt check codes
correct one of signal register typo(?) pointing to wrong register
new SP task trigger from SP status register
update Core Audio handling codes
substantial speed gain for almost all games (need to recheck and update games setting) Sad
speedup frame transition during game play by removing lag from source codes
remove hack codes from new timer event
handle new timer event type
testing with "Delay DMA & AI"
additional flush register codes for some opcodes
remove wrong countdown
minor update to Empty, B and BR type codes
update some register cache functions codes
minor update to audio plugin codes
minor update to gfx plugin codes for stability purpose
fix texshift bug affecting flashram game
HyperBike no longer crash during boot after Paper Mario
Chameleon Twist 2 no longer crash during boot after Derby Stallion

Games Improvement

Taz Express, NBA Showtime & NFL QBC 98 are working and playable
TAZ has some intro text bug and need to work on no buffer clearing codes
NBA Showtime is very timing sensitive and may hang during gameplay
recommended settings work for me @ 40 - 50 VI/s
need to further optimize sound and game stability
Pokemon Stadium missing winning slot pokemons are now visible after winning a stadium battle badge
Indy Racing 2000 can go in-game with no Audiosync at 3X speedup
In-Fisherman can run at max VI/s with no Audiosync and no "SP DMA Read Error" at CF3
Power Rangers in-game voice sync with text display with no Audiosync, fix ugly vertical strip after clearing each level, faster intro framebuffer effect display
fix AeroFighter´s Assault voice overlap in intro cutscene using CF1 at max VI/s
fix random hang for Conker, TGR2 etc (verified in tests only)
fix Mario Golf 64 regression
fix Pokemon Stadium 2 regression from NICE64 v2.1.0
fix TGR2 flickering tutorial race help text together with intro fullscreen switch issue (both affect each other)
fix Paper Mario framebuffer regression at intro cutscene
fix V-Rally 99 regression

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