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Post subject: Intellivision: jzIntv 1.0 beta 4  PostPosted: Sep 05, 2012 - 06:15 PM
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Nach über 6 Jahren seit dem letzten Release gibt es nun eine neue Version des Intellivision Emulators jzIntv für Windows Linux und Mac OS X

A new build of the Intellivision emulator jzIntv has been released for Windows Linux and Mac OS X.

Well, 6 years after Beta 3... jzintv ekes to Beta 4.

Click on one or more of the download links at the right to download the appropriate binaries for your system and/or the source code. The source code also contains the complete source for SDK-1600. The two have been merged into one complete package.

If you just want the emulator, download the ZIP file labeled for the type of machine you have. For example, Windows users should download "jzintv-1.0-beta4-win32.zip". This contains the jzIntv emulator and the SDK-1600 tools.

If you would like to try your hand programming Intellivision, also download "jzintv-1.0-beta4-sdk1600.zip". This archive contains all the SDK-1600 example code and documentation.


Release Notes

jzIntv 1.0: This is the first jzIntv with a proper version number. Many
things have been added or changed since the last snapshot release. There
are too many to list here.

Look around the documentation. It actually exists now. It´s still somewhat
thin, but it´s infinitely more than there was before. And most of all,

Platform specific notes

The generic jzIntv documentation lives mostly under doc/jzintv/. Platform
specific documentation lives under doc/platform/.

Please note that jzIntv is a Linux / UNIX program first, and has been ported
to Windows and MacOS X. As a result, using it under these platforms is
somewhat different than using other software that natively targets these

Arnauld Chevallier and John Tanner have put in work on Windows and MacOS X
GUIs that wrap jzIntv. These wrappers provide a much more native feel to
jzIntv. An eventual goal of the jzIntv project is to provide up-to-date
wrappers with each major release of jzIntv, so that every platform can use
jzIntv in the manner that platform prefers. The raw version I currently
distribute does not contain these niceties.


Intellivision (C) is a trademark of Intellivision Productions. Joe
Zbiciak and jzIntv are not affiliated with Intellivision Productions.

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