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Post subject: N64: ICE64 v3.4 (Beta)  PostPosted: Sep 20, 2012 - 02:28 PM
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[URL=]ICE64[/URL] ist ein Nintendo [URL=]N64[/URL] Emulator basierend auf denn Code von NICE64, welches ein Fork von [URL=]1964[/URL] war.

[URL=]ICE64[/URL] is a Nintendo [URL=]N64[/URL] emulator based of the code from NICE64, which was a fork of [URL=]1964[/URL].

ICE64 v3.4(Beta) is released!
ICE64 beta releases are meant for ICE64 testers and advance users who knows the risk involved.
Normal users should use v3.0(Final) or wait for v4.0(Final).
Core Changes

  • fix Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 settings

    • flickering when wrestler appears in cutscene fixed
    • wrong save type fixed - no longer hang when customized stadium/wrestler is used

  • fix Pokemon Stadium speed slowdown at Prof Oak lab

    • organize pokemon pc - speed slowdown when pokemon is displayed fixed
    • pokedex pc fixed - speed slowdown when pokemon moves are displayed fixed
    • pokemon trading service - speed slowdown when pokemon is displayed fixed

  • fix Pokemon Stadium battle text where b is wrongly used as d e.g. useb, misseb etc
  • add "Controller fix" cheat to Pokemon Snap to fix the camera not moving and press START screen not appearing issue for beach level
  • fix Pokemon Snap speed slowdown

    • speed slowdown when selecting picture for OAK review fixed
    • speed slowdown when viewing picture in album fixed
    • speed slowdown when OAK is reviewing picture fixed
    • music and OAK comment can be heard clearly for the above

  • fix Rayman 2 intro fb effect corruption at the bottom of the screen
  • redo Quake II fix for the blue progress bar before in-game

    • progress bar will always be correctly displayed with bg image (tested using outpost & central complex level)

  • minor refactor of image list code and core audio, input and gfx interface codes
  • minor update to gfx framebuffer read/write functions

    • correct wrong address boundary range

  • rewrite gfx get framebuffer info function(experimental)
  • update flashram command codes

    • seems to fix the flashram issue

  • initial codes cleanup for input plugin

    • minor update to prevent possible deadlock situation
    • minor update to function name conflict and possible loop

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