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Post subject: N64: ICE64 v3.5 (Final)  PostPosted: Oct 07, 2012 - 10:22 PM
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ICE64 ist ein Nintendo N64 Emulator basierend auf denn Code von NICE64, welches ein Fork von 1964 war.

ICE64 is a Nintendo N64 emulator based of the code from NICE64, which was a fork of 1964.

After 10 days of reconstruction, I have recovered most of my lost gfx plugin source! This is an intermediate final release for all ICE64 users and users are strongly encourage to upgrade to this new release.

  • consolidate changes from v3.1 to v3.4 beta releases
  • speed and memory optimization to offset better games stability
  • implement new logic for fb previous count and status
  • rewrite and refactor portion of ignore aux copy and useless is useless codes
  • remove RE2 top and bottom black bar for gameplay cutscene transition (game is slightly "broken")
  • remove RE2 hack from change size function
  • fix RE2 glitch intro video for non-expansion pak
  • fix Majora´s Mask bomber notebook flickering (never handled when change size function was rewritten, thanks to ApplePeachBanana bug report)
  • fix TGR2, Kirby64 and Pilot Wings64 frame flickering when switching window mode
  • fix Perfect Dark night vision(broken in NICE64 v2.1.0, thanks to ApplePeachBanana bug report)
  • fix Pokemon Stadium lab slowdown and merge into Pokemon Stadium 2 solution
  • fix game crash when a mempak game is started after a flashram game if mempak used is not empty

    • fix mempak and transfer pak handling codes for flashram

  • minor fix on eeprom bug
  • fix Body Harvest vehicle shadow regression
  • fix V-Rally 99(U) width issue during intro cutscene and gameplay
  • fix Photopie ucode conflict with Mystical Ninja, now 1st display image for Photopie will always appear
  • fix Mario Tennis trophy missing the shiny gold color when Wario steals trophy from Mario after winning Mushroom Cup and intro fmv
  • implement new speedup for games using "read every frame"

    • add Bomberman64 for intro frame transition effect (fast enough for good sound - recommend E version)
    • add Ridge Racers for missing monitor image and getting max VI/s for intro fmv
    • add Body Harvest for missing frame transition image and good speed on intro menu and cutscene

  • implement new address boundary calculation for cpu framebuffer protection

    • GT64 no longer loses input control after doing multiple switch between fullscreen & windowed, especially after a MusyX game
    • multiple switching between fullscreen & windowed in a game or between several games in an emu session no longer causes random hang, exception - don´t try on Bottom of the 9th(which has framebuffer issue during switching)

  • fix Getter Love flickering for the bathtub scene in player1 room
  • fix GoldenEye Depot mission, changing Speedup to 2X as default (thanks to malfy)
  • change Extreme-G settings to get rid of minor popping noise
  • fix random game hang e.g. Zelda - OOT, when presss "START" button at Hyrule field - sram bug
  • completely break HyperBike in v3.4(black screen)

    • fix regression in v3.5

  • update "Save Fix" for Derby Stallion and the end of day save is now working (from Nekokabu RDB)
  • add "Subscreen Delay Fix" cheat for Animal Forest and Doubutsunomori (from Nekokabu RDB)

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