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Author Message
Post subject: No$gba v2.8  PostPosted: Feb 03, 2015 - 07:50 PM
Banned Team Member

Joined: Oct 30, 2004
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Eine neue Version des Gameboy Advance/Nintendo DS Emulators NO$GBA ist erschienen.

A new version of the Gameboy Advance/Nintendo DS emulator NO$GBA has been released.

02 Feb 2015 - version 2.8
  • help: updated gbatek standalone version 2.8 (with fairly complete dsi specs)
  • dsi: no$gba is now having (more or less) working non-experimental DSi support
  • dsi/cartloader: auto-encrypts modcrypt area if needed (requires good sha1hmac)
  • gba/snap: fixed skipping empty-nds-chunks in gba-snapshots (thanks shiny.exe)
  • newmem: avoids borland tasm32/tlink32 linker-error on "arm_memxlat_non_tcm"
  • dsi/help: added list of known regions/countries (only europe is known yet)
  • dsi/help: better ndma description (logical/physical blocks, and repeat modes)
  • wifi/help: added new DSi access points specs (wpa/wpa2, and proxy settings)
  • wifi/help: added formerly unknown NDS access points specs (mtu, ssid length)
  • dsi/help: added average microphone specs for ARM7 side (A/D side is unknown)
  • dsi/emu: supports fake camera access (outputting some dummy snow picture)
  • dma: added warning on unsupported dma/ndma types (wifi,sd/mmc,aes,mic,mainmem)
  • debug: fixed $profiler_id indices for dma-channel/mode names
  • dsi/emu: supports basic aes and sd/mmc init (32bit 44xxh, 16bit 48xxh/49xxh)
  • dsi/emu: supports i2c access (8bit 450xh) and gpio access (16bit 4C0xh)
  • dsi/emu: supports new touchscreen controller (different SPI protocol as NDS)
  • dsi/help: added description for new touchscreen controller (position/status)
  • dsi/help: added notes on touchscreen in nds mode (no pressure & temperature)
  • dsi/help: identified the dsi cameras as Aptina MT9V113 image sensors
  • dsi/help: added initialization/transfer flowcharts for cameras on ARM9 side
  • dsi/help: added initialization flowchart for Aptina cameras on ARM7 side
  • dsi/help: added initialization flowchart for Unknown cameras on ARM7 side
  • dsi/help: added undocumented aptina regs, and aptina REV3 additions
  • dsi/help: added general dsi notes (eg. dsi detection) and info on exploits
  • dsi/help: added notes on basic differences to NDS mode (changed details)
  • dsi/help: added info about (mostly unknown) eMMC encryption (via CID register)
  • dsi/help: added behaviour of SPI powerman (with differences in DSi/NDS modes)
  • gba/nds/dsi/help: added BIOS RAM info (initial RAM content and IRQ/SWI usage)
  • nds/help: cart header[06Eh] Secure Area Delay, and ROMCTRL.Bit28 gap CLKs
  • nds/help: info on rom chip id bit31 cart protocol variant (gap/repeat/delay)
  • xboo: supports dumping carts with rom chip id bit31=1 (protocol differences)
  • dsi/debug: added tty.log options for I2C commands and NDS cartridge commands
  • dsi/debug: prevents warnings on bigger New WRAM areas (unlike 32K for NDS)
  • dsi/debug/emu: allows bigger DSi7/DSi9 bios regions (bigger than NDS7/NDS9)
  • dsi/emu: allows reading/writing more scfg registers (as far as used by games)
  • dsi/emu: initializes more scfg regs on reset (with suspected/guessed values)
  • dsi/i2c/help: added Aptina MT9V113 camera specs (i2c registers and variables)
  • dsi/i2c/help: added many details on bptwl chip (led/volume/misc controller)
  • dsi/help: described power-button modes (auto-reset, irq, forced-power-off)
  • dsi/help: major corrections to I2C control reg, added I2C signals chapter
  • dsi/help: added details like headphone-connect bit, game-cart-insert-bit
  • dsi/cartloader: bugfixed cartloader odd modcrypt lengths (eg. cooking coach)
  • dsi/help: added GPIO specs (data in/out/direction, irq edge/enable)
  • dsi/help: removed dsi cart protocol, instead added cmd_3Dh notes in ds chapter
  • dsi/help: hardware/software info on wiring the eMMC chip to PC card readers
  • dsi/help: info on sd/mmc I/O (from TC6387XB datasheet, tmio_mmc, dsi dumps)
  • dsi/help: added specs for sd/mmc protocols (commands, repsonses, registers)

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