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PinMAME/VisualPinMAME v3.3
Posted on: Dec 31, 2020 - 12:47 by retroK

Arcade German

Der Pinball-Machine-Emulator PinMAME wurde aktualisiert.



A new version of the Pinball-machine emulator PinMAME has been released.



What's New:

Version 3.3 (December 24th, 2020) - "20 years already?"

  • Compiling for iOS is now possible.
  • Also a new platform independent lib/dll is now available with a new, simple interface to request (some of) the internal data.
  • Fix -listxml for strings that contain embedded tags
  • pinPROC : updated library; VS2019 build
  • YAML-cpp: updated to 0.6.3; VS2019 build
  • Updated LISY support to 5.26-41 (Linux for Gottlieb System1 & System80, Bally, Atari, Williams and "HOme" Pinballs)
  • Added VGM file output support for AY8910, OKI6295, OKI6376, QSound, SAA1099, YM2151, YM2203, YMF262(OPL3), YM3526, YM3812, Y8950, and SN7648/9X (unsure about the mappings for these latter ones though!) sound chips
  • Either use -vgmwrite on the commmand line (PinMAME)
    or select it in the game options (this requires a restart though, as VGM output requires to track everything)
  • PinMAME(32): Added an Automatic Sound Dump functionality:
    Started via F6 (instead of the Recording function via F5) and
    skips automatically to the next sound / creates a new file (in the wave subdir) if there is no sound at all anymore (silence) or the length reaches 4mins.
    The dump stops automatically after soundcommand 0xFF (=max 256 overall generated sounds).
    There is also an altsound CSV created with the dumps. This one can be
    altered with lucky1s Altsound Editor.

    ** CORE/CPU **
  • Improved Atari Generation 1 sound emulation, rewritten similar to the style of the Gen 2 one
  • Tweaks to Atari Generation 2 emulation, too
  • Added Regama driver
  • Wicos Af-Tor fully working now
  • Sped up Video Dens games, found more dip switches, switch test, saving NVRAM
  • E.F.O. sound board mostly working - a strange issue with IRQ concurrency remains which sometimes causes a sound hangup
  • Sound support for early LTD system III
  • More sound found for LTD system 4 (extra lamp data is handled by sound chip port write!)
  • Inverted sound bits for early Playmatic games, tone frequencies left as noted in the schematics though, seem a little off
  • More solenoids found for LTDs Force & Haunted Hotel
  • More lamps found for LTDs Space Poker
  • Increased IRQ for LTD system III, helps with ball detection in outhole
  • Corrected CPU clock for Peyper / Sonic games, helps speeding up Gamatron game start
  • Doubled ZC frequency for Joctronic games, saving NVRAM
  • Enabled coin settings on early Playmatic games
  • Support 4-solenoid stepper motor mech used by High Roller Casino, Starship Troopers, and Playboy
  • Fixed 8085A DSUB instruction for the H register
  • Fixed some bugs in the TMS9995 emulation concerning port data writes / decrementer / CRU, NSM working now
  • Make color/brightness mappings of Data East 128x16 DMDs match the real hardware
  • Fix an old regression of Alvin G. solenoids not firing consistently (most notably breaking Mystery Castle)
  • Improve DMD timings for the Sega 192x64 DMD, matching the real one more closely (also a slight improvement for the DE/Sega/Stern 128x32 ones)
  • Improve IRQ timings of Sys3/4/6/7/11, DE and the Sega 192x64 DMD-machines
  • Change switch writing of DE and Sega 192x64 DMD-machines
  • Improve DMD timings for the Williams/Bally machines, leading to less flicker/wrong brightness on the early ones (e.g. T2 attract mode)
  • Improve sound filtering of Flash Gordon, Xenon and all Williams/Bally DCS machines, matching the real one more closely
  • Improve timings for GTS80 machines, especially for Rack em up until Tag-Team (1983-85 era)
  • Stabilized solenoids 16, 31, and 32 on GamePlan machines
  • Loosen up "fast flips" check for Starship Troopers
  • Fix init error (for example corrupted first song) for YM2151 (older Williams/Bally and others)
  • Slightly improve YM2151 noise (older Williams/Bally and others)
  • Slightly improve overall YM2203, YM3526, YM3812, Y8950 emulation (older Alvin G. and others)
  • Improve SAA1099 emulation (E.F.O.)
  • Switch Votrax/SC01 emulation over to real simulation core (some GTS80(A)s and Taitos)
  • Correct handling of Gottlieb System 1 displays (thanks to bontango)
  • Got Goofy Hoops working as some schematics showed up, illustrating how useful such documents are!
  • Make Williams Flash L-1 and T-1 use the Sys6 board (as these are newer than the yellow flipper based L-2)

    *** SIMULATOR ***
  • Demolition Man: Added lamp layout, simulated all major shots (except maybe a weak car crash shot), the elevator and cryoclaw mechanism, along with the right ramp diverter that feeds it, and enabled the Buy-In button (also demonstrates how to show P1-P4 scores at all times)

    *** ROM SUPPORT ***
  • Atari: Middle Earth (alternate)
  • Atari: Middle Earth (Prototype or German) - bad dump, not working
  • Bally: Scotts Test ROM (version 8 )
  • Christian Tabart: Grand 8, Le (using Gottlieb "Panthera" ROM, and its own sound board)
  • Christian Tabart: Sahara Love (using Gottlieb "Sinbad" ROM, and its own sound board)
  • Data East: Leon Test Chip (version 4)
  • Data East: Michael Jordan 1.30
  • Illinois Pinball: Pool Player 1.0 (based on Capcom hardware/similar to Breakshot)
  • Jac van Ham: Formula 1
  • Jac van Ham: Ice Mania
  • NSM: Cosmic Flash
  • NSM: Games, The
  • Regama: Trebol
  • Sonic: Storm
  • Sport Matic: Flashman
  • Taito do Brasil: Football (sound ROMs only)
  • Williams/Jess Askey: Spellbinder

    Correct Dumps:
  • Atari: Airborne Avenger (using 20252 sound PROM)
  • Atari: Atarians, The (using 07028 sound PROM)
  • Atari: Middle Earth (using 20252 sound PROM)
  • Atari: Time 2000 (using 07028 sound PROM)
  • Bally: Doctor Who P-5, P-6 (using SP-4 U18 sound ROM); also L-2, D-2 (using SL-2 U18 sound ROM)
  • Bally: Flash Gordon (Free Play) (using English sound ROMs)
  • Bally: Twilight Zone P-3, P-4 (using later U14 and U15 sound ROMs, only PA-1 uses SP-1 sound)
  • LTD: Time Machine (4 players) - confirmed that currently supported ROMs are correct
  • Micropin: Pentacup (rev. 2, 8085A hardware)
  • Sega: Baywatch 4.00 (Dutch) (using A4.00 display ROMs)
  • Williams: Pokerino (correct sound PROM)

  • Addams Family, The L-5C (competition MOD) (updated with LED Ghost Fix)
  • Ator (2 bumpers)
  • Baywatch 2.01 (French)
  • Bigfoot R0.1e (FreeWPC based rewrite of White Water)
  • Big Game (MOD rev. 7 & 8 )
  • Brave Team (Free Play)
  • Canasta 86 (Free Play)
  • Cheetah (Blue cabinet Bonus shot 1/ball)
  • Cirqus Voltaire (D.52 Prototype w/ support for old Ringmaster voice) - sound ROMs missing however
  • Clown (Inder, Free Play)
  • Corsario (Free Play)
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon L-4C (competition MOD) (updated with LED Ghost Fix)
  • Demolition Man LX-4C (competition MOD) (updated and also now includes LED Ghost Fix)
  • Demolition Man H-6C (competition MOD) (updated)
  • Dragonfist (MOD 3 rev. 1105 & 1109)
  • Flight 2000 (modified rules rev. 3335 & modified rules + sound rev. 3347)
  • Flintstones, The LX-3
  • Funhouse (Prototype System 11 Sound ROMs)
  • Iron Man 1.85,1.86(+Vault Editions)
  • Junk Yard 1.2C (competition MOD) (updated)
  • Jurassic Park 3.05 (misses the matching display ROM though)
  • Lap By Lap (Free Play)
  • Laser Ball L-2 (PROM Sound)
  • Last Action Hero 1.04 (French), 1.07
  • Lethal Weapon 2.04 (English), also 3.00, 3.01 (unofficial MODs)
  • Lord of the Rings, The 3.00
  • Meteor (Bonus Count and Sound Fix)
  • Meteor (Bonus Count Fix, MOD, Free Play rev. 64 & 65)
  • Meteor (Bonus Count Fix, MOD, 7-Digit, Free Play rev. 74 & 75)
  • Moon Light (Free Play)
  • Mundial 90 (Free Play)
  • Nine Ball (Ball handling MOD beta18)
  • Nitro Groundshaker (7-digit conversion with siren patch)
  • Oba-Oba (old hardware)
  • Pin-Bot J-1 (PEMBOT (no relation))
  • Pool Sharks LA-7C (competition MOD) (updated)
  • Raid, The (alternate set)
  • Space Train (old hardware)
  • Spider-Man 1.02 (English, French)
  • Star Trek 25th Anniversary 3.00 (unofficial MOD)
  • Star Wars 1.01
  • Strange Science rev. C (which makes this the newest we have )
  • Striker Xtreme 1.00 (Italian)
  • Theatre of Magic 1.3XC (competition MOD) (updated)
  • Trident (MOD rev. 23c)
  • Twilight Zone L-5, LA-9 (aka PAPA Tournament Version 9.0)
  • WHO Dunnit 1.2 (Elevator text fix), 1.2 (German Sound / Elevator text fix)
  • World Cup Soccer 0.62b (FreeWPC based rewrite)

    Removed Clones:
  • Atari: Atarians, The (MOD working bootleg) - the original ROMs work fine after latest emulation patches

    *** VPM ***
  • If you create a VPMAlias.txt file in the VPinMAME folder, it will alias an input rom name to the specified (real) rom. Format example:
    This can be used to allow to use different PUP or DOF profiles per game (for reskins and such).
  • Fix the additional .raw/non-averaged file output dumping of GTS3 DMDs
  • Add Data East alphanumeric support to the builtin alternate sound file support (Sound Mode 1) (only briefly tested though, please report non-working machines)

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