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Author Message
Post subject: MaLa v1.66 beta  PostPosted: Aug 06, 2010 - 07:26 PM
Site Admin

Joined: Jul 04, 2004
Posts: 10542

Location: Frankfurt a.M.
Status: Offline

MaLa ist ein Multi Frontend für 32bit Windows Betriebssysteme wie Win98, WinME, Win2000 und WinXP. Es unterstützt die command line Version von MAME mit XML ROM Info und von anderen Emulatoren wie VICE, Kega Fusion, FCE Ultra - NES, VisualBoyAdvance und ZiNc u.s.w.

MaLa is a MAME and more launcher for 32bit Windows operating systems like Win98, WinME, Win2000 and WinXP. It supports the windows command line version of MAME with XML ROM info and other emulators like VICE, Kega Fusion, FCE Ultra - NES, VisualBoyAdvance and ZiNc to name a few.

August 1, 2010
MaLa 1.660 - MaLa . Altered/ improved the way audio volume is handled.

July 11, 2010
MaLa 1.659 - MaLa . Made even more changes to help ´rotate mame with mala´.

July 10, 2010
MaLa 1.658 - MaLa . Made changes to help ´rotate mame with mala´ with ´other´ flavours of Mame.

July 9, 2010
MaLa 1.657 - MaLa . Fixed wrong gamelist loaded bug on startup
MaLa - Second part of work on minor ´resume from Standby´ display refresh Bug

July 8, 2010
MaLa 1.656 - MaLa . Added ´Show Game Metadata´ screen via right click.
MaLa - First part of work on minor ´resume from Stby display refresh Bug

June 18, 2010
MaLa 1.655 - MaLa . Fixed - other Joystick setting was not saving to ini file.
MaLa - Fixed polling / display delay bug.
MaLa - Fixed tab key select order on config screen

June 13, 2010
MaLa 1.654 - MaLa . Enhanced MaLa to auto up convert old ´Other emu´ file formats. (eg *.mle)

June 12, 2010
MaLa 1.653 - MaLa fixed bug in Audio menu if Audio was disabled
MaLa 1.652 - MaLa fixed bug where selected game in list may jump up or down one item if mouse was moved during game play (if mouse enabled)
MaLa 1.651 - MaLa fixed bug/crash when option to launch Application on exit was enabled and Sound was enabled.

May 30, 2010
MaLa - Added auto key repeat for 1-up/down to support older iPacs
MaLa - Added optional delay for Game starting picture

May 23, 2010
MaLa - Added Shift Keys for Joystick control

April 28, 2010
MaLa - MaLa Muzac/ Jukebox finally finished transition to new Engine. No More bass.dll required.

April 25, 2010
MaLa - Joystick Control- Fixed bugs preventing button use over 16 and in some menus over 12

April 7, 2010
MaLa . Fixed Menu control via Joystick

April 5, 2010
MaLa . Fixed time display for Layouts and LCD

March 21, 2010
MaLa . Improved native USB hardware (LED & LCD) handling and setup. Still more work to do here as there is a minor bug where if you have two of the same types of hardware connected the item with the highest id get discovered and assigned first even if in MaLa you have it configured to be Hardware #2.

March 20, 2010
MaLa . Added memory usage logging on Game List loading and Game Start / Quit/ (to find potential memory leak?)
MaLa . Added ´Windows Focus´ command after every video loop. I will invoke this code in other areas too after user testing.

Febuary 13, 2010
MaLa . Added option to launch game with left mouse button

December 28, 2009
MaLa . Added Plug-in Events. ConfigureStart/Stop Events.

December 26, 2009
• MaLaTree . Fixed Minor bug with tree display

December 20, 2009
MaLa . Added option not to loop video (play once)

MaLa . Enabled Layout Video options to include animated gif´s (not just avi´s)

MaLa Layout Editor- Added code to support above MaLa change

December 13, 2009
MaLa . Added 5th definable for Mame and ´other Emu´,

December 12, 2009
MaLa Layout Editor: Added 5th definable... I need to add this to MaLa later otherwise I just wasted my time adding it to the editor Wink

November 27, 2009
MaLa - Improved the logic with the ´skip to next letter´ when dealing with games starting with numbers, also if partial way through a group of letters skip back to the first of it´s type rather than the next letter.

November 23, 2009
MaLa - Fixed bug/crash with zero lengths game list
MaLa - Improved messages and logging when creating game lists and reminders in various places about the requirement to use mame >0.84 to produce XML files.

November 21, 2009
MaLa - Video2/layout video option implementation finished (I Hope)

November 20, 2009
MaLa Layout. More ´polish´ work to handle Video2/Layout videos

November 8, 2009
MaLa.. Windows 7. Got startup routine to recognize if being run on this new OS

May 3, 2009
MaLa.. Bugfix. Stopped MaLa crashing when disabling Audio

April 29, 2009
MaLa.. Layout Editor. Second Video window option added

April 27, 2009
MaLa.. Number of buttons on a joystick supported increased to 32 (previously 12)

April 24, 2009
MaLa.. Hardware: Expanded to support the IOWarrior24 Chip to drive a LCD display

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