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Author Message
Post subject: BizHawk 1.1.1b  PostPosted: Oct 09, 2012 - 06:24 AM
News Scout

Joined: Jun 25, 2005
Posts: 4562

Location: Berlin
Status: Offline

BizHawk ist ein multi-system emulator in C#.

Supported Systems

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Super Nintendo (SNES)
Gameboy Color
Super Gameboy
Sega Master System
Game Gear
PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16) / CD-ROM
TI-83 Calculator

Unofficially Released

Sega Genesis (Experimental)

BizHawk is a multi-system emulator in C#.

Supported Systems

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Super Nintendo (SNES)
Gameboy Color
Super Gameboy
Sega Master System
Game Gear
PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16) / CD-ROM
TI-83 Calculator

Unofficially Released

Sega Genesis (Experimental)

BizHawk 1.1.1b

Windows Binary
Released: October 08, 2012
Revision Range 3382 - 3394
SNESHawk - a big fix to the bsnes determinacy woes, this fix fixes problems with "virtual lag frames" that were the cause of internally savestating (to fix determinacy problems).
Statusbar saveslots - right click will now save to that slot
Add ROM info for SMS and PCE games to the ROM status bar icon

BizHawk 1.1.1a

Windows Binary
Released: October 07, 2012
Revision Range 3175 - 3381

Fixes issues with GBC support (input, display, paths)

BizHawk 1.1.1

Windows Binary
Released: October 06, 2012
Revision Range 3154 - 3374

New Platform support: Super Gameboy!

Trace Logger Tool, for NES, SMS/GG/SG, and PCE cores
Bilinear Filtering option
XInput support, LT/RT are possible inputs now
Joystick suppert - Fix "hardcoding" of left & right analog sticks being mapped to the arrow buttons
Reboot core notification system (since many settings on various cores don´t take effect until rebooted)
Add Saveram backup feature, similar to savestate backup feature, defaults to On
Support custom resizing
Support Windows 7 shortcuts: Win+L Win+R Win+U
Fix memory leak when using OSD Capture
Fix the bug where choosing a small size from the menu (typically 1x) would cause unexpected black bars
Fix status bar icons to really hide when not necessary, fix tool tips displayed, and positioning
Fix behavior of the folder browser dialog of the path config dialog
Fix d3d devicelost errors
Fix "Hex" boxes in various dialogs to allow Ctrl+C/V/A, such as Game Genie, Cheats, Ram watch/search, etc
Fix Tools/Lua to update after a frame instead of before
Add slightly informative error message to certain rom load exceptions
Path Config - add an info icon that opens a popup for the special path options (., .., %recent%, %exe%)

Imported movie files are now automatically copied over to .Movies directory
Add PAL flag to movie (if recording in pal mode!)
Add "FirmwareSHA1" to movie header for SGB and PCECD

Add "Values as Hex" menu item, when turned off, allows value and compare to be decimal instead of hex
Fixed column display, on and domain were reversed (domain names were being displayed in the on column). Also centered the On column text

Ram Watch
Fix bug where display value was actually the previous frame value

Input Config
Auto-focus the first control option when loaded
Better controller images

Message Config
Fix X/Y values not updating when typing directly into the numeric boxes
Fix positioning of icon on drawing area to not be partially "off screen"
Fix logic for dragging when using anchoring
Fix drawing of the x,y coordinates to respect the anchoring
Ability to configure autohold display
Ability to toggle the "stacking" effect on general OSD messages
Allow configuring of the position and anchoring of General OSD messages
Fix the saving of the multitrack x,y variables
Fix restore defaults for Multitrack settings

Hex Editor
Allow drag highlighting with the mouse
Fix typing values with the numberpad
Fix copy/pasting multiple highlighted addresses
Don´t show 0 length Memory domains (prevents showing SNES CARTRAM in situations it doesn´t exist and thus crashing the hex editor)
Pressing enter in the find box = click the find next button

middle clicking pauses/unpauses the emulator

fix so that multiple scripts can draw at once
Add new functions: emu.onsnoop(), mainmemory.readbyterange(), mainmemory.writebyterange(),
nes.addgamegenie(), nes.removegamegenie(), nes.getallowmorethaneightsprites(), **nes.setallowmorethaneightsprites(),
nes.getdispbackground(), nes.setdispbackground(), nes.getdispsprites(), **nes.setdispsprites(), nes.gettopscanline(), nes.settopscanline()
New Hitbox scripts
Updated RBIBaseball script that demonstrates the use of the forms library
Move lua to after the frame instead of before
Make the Lua Function List dialog modeless

Hook up autofire controllers
Hooked up controller 3 & 4
Add System Bus memory domain (except when recording movies due to determinicy issues)
Determincy fixes
Graphics Debugger - numerous new features, fixes
Fixes for audio popping/hiccups
Read region, so 50fps live viewing and video dumping now works (PAL).
Lag Counter fix, remove many false positives
Change the initial bootup frame size (on frame zero) to 256x224, it´s the most common game resolution, and also the smallest (so can avoid some instances of window size snapping down because too big)
Add SNES Graphics config to the Toolbox dialog
Add firmware support
Fix recording of soft and hard resets into movies
.lsmv and .zmv movie importing
SNES game database

Big improvements to sound
Fix Bill & Ted´s Excellent Video Game adventure
Fix bad Cobra Triangle sound
DMC fix, Fire Hawk (USA) no longer has graphical glitches on the intro screen.
Fix dmc sfx bug in Battletoads & Double Dragon making nonexistent sfx
Add emulation of empty databus, fixes freeze bug in bt&dd
Implement Mapper 163
Fix default patch set for VRC7
Game Genie Encoder/Decoder - pressing enter in the code box will add the cheat
Fix for frame buffer being generated before the ppu runs on a frame instead of after

Memory domains now work correctly immediately after a loadstate
.lsmv movie importing
Gameboy/GBC game databases
Some rom annotation status details
Add more intelligible error messages on bad mapper number load attempt
Fix loading of .gbc files from archives

Add Show Clipped Regions, and Highlight Active Display options
Show a GG menu to allow for Sprite Limit, and Graphics options menu items while the core is loaded

BizHawk 1.1.0a

Windows Binary
Hotfix for rerecording on SNESHawk and GBHawk
Released: September 23, 2012
Revision Range 3154 - 3169

SNESHawk, GBHawk: Fix how the frame counter is saved in savestates, fixes a number of potential issues with rerecording

Lag counter now works

Ram Search/Ram Watch - Unfreeze All context menu item, show Unfreeze if selecting multiple frozen addresses
Ram Watch - show shortcut keys on context menu items
If changing the status of a cheat in Cheats,Hex Editor, Ram Watch, Ram Search, update the other dialogs too if they are open
New lua functions
gui.addmessage(), nes.setscanlines(), nes.getbottomscaneline(), nes.gettopscanline(), nes.getclipleftandright(), nes.setclipleftandright()

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