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Post subject: Frontends: JMednafen v0.1.0beta1  PostPosted: Oct 04, 2010 - 10:02 PM
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JMednafen ist ein neues Java-Frontend für den Multisystem-Emulator Mednafen.

JMednafen is a new Java-frontend for the multisystem-emulator Mednafen.

JMednafen - ChangeLog FILE

This file show any changes on the program

0.1.0 - Beta 1

- Added a menu entry for GNU/Linux under the "Games" section. This entry was tested under
KDE (4.X) and Gnome menus.
- Added a system icon for the program under GNU/Linux. This allow the user to select and
use it as they want.
- Improved code to can have in a single class file, all the configurations needed to be
system dependants, like the diagonal to use (/ or ), and the specification about which
SO is running at the current time.
- Fixed some errors in the text of the interface.
- Fixed an error in the creation of the configuration files.
- Minimized size of the configuration utility. The new size if defined by the All Consoles->Advanced tab.
- Fixed an error in the Command Shower window, where the window doesn´t have name.
- Improved the user manual.
- Fixed an error in the Disk selector window, where the window doesn´t have name.
- Fixed the Disk Selector window, now it can´t be resized.
- Fixed an error where, if the Config dialog was opened, and then the Command Viewer, and the the main window
is closed, the Command Viewer remains opened.
- Added an error dialog.

0.1.0 - Alpha 2

- Fixed bug about the path to create the launcher script. Now, the
program can create it in their own config path, under the home folder.
- Fixed bug where the program also try to run a file selected when
the user press the Cancel Button.
- Fixed minor bug in the text of the About Dialog.
- Fixed minor bug in the text of the PC Engine dialog.
- Improved some operations of the Command Launcher, this allow it to create
their temporal file needed using Java commands, not system commands. This allow the program to be more
system independent.
- Added a user manual into the program.
- Added the option (internal, not managed by the user) to "remember" the last
file/folder selected to launch a game, it will "remember" only when a game
is launched, not when the user is searching. Also, this prevents any unsaved
data to be loose if the program crash or is closed manually, because, every time
the program open a game, it will save the data.
- Added a file filter to the file selection dialog. This allow to the user to only
see the game files and folders.
- Fixed a bug that makes the program have a fake crash (...), the problem is about when none
config folder doesn´t exists, then, the program create it, but it fails... Whit this
problem solved, the program must run better.
- Added the option to set the Mednafen bynary file.

0.1.0 - Alpha 1

- All the program was coded again, this time, using NetBeans(C).
- Now, almost all the current options from Mednafen are supported.
- Now, the program is a pre-compiled JAR file.

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