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Author Message
Post subject: Diverse: WinArcadia v23.04  PostPosted: Mar 25, 2015 - 08:50 PM
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Eine neue Version des Multi System Emulators WinArcadia für Windows und AmiArcadia für AmigaOS wurde veröffentlicht.

The multi system emulator WinArcadia for Windows and AmiArcadia for AmigaOS has been updated.

Changes between V23.03 and V23.04:
  • fixed: eof files in zips weren´t being detected.
  • elektor: removed pointless tvc support.
  • fixed: tape recording file requester had wrong title bar text.
  • removed unused catalog strings.
  • elektor: added CASIN and CASOUT to monitor.
  • fixed: interton and elektor PVI monitors lacked "other registers" group box label.
  • elektor: fixed: tapes were saved at wrong speed.
  • changed "log console" strings to "log output".
  • fixed: sometimes gave invalid seconds positions when writing tapes.
  • elektor: now tells user when the BIOS has finished writing to tape.
  • incorporated Samir´s latest Italian translation.

Changes between V23.02 and V23.03:
  • aa: fixed: coin-op high score table didn´t open.
  • now it always shows the pointer while you browse the menu.
  • removed redundant debugger items from Log menu.
  • aa: sped up rendering at 3x size.
  • phunsy: fixed: autosensing was expecting PGM version of charset.
  • aa: fixed graphics corruption in right margin in 3x narrow mode.
  • wa: "view|contents of|udc/sprite imagery" now shows sprites in their actual colours.
  • arcadia: "view|contents of|udc/sprite imagery" now lists all possible UDC colours for the current screenmode.
  • wa: debugger: now cursor is positioned at the end of each line when moving up/down through history.
  • wa: now narrow and wide modes have separate 3D zoom factors.
  • wa: fixed: in some situations, window could be incorrect width after changing machines.
  • elektor: improved EOF support.
  • fixed various AOF bugs.
  • MSG_WROTETAPE now also gives position in seconds.
  • elektor: adjusted tape speed.
  • fixed: now doesn´t beep when outputting ASCII $95.

Changes between V23.01 and V23.02:
  • fixed a harmless GCC compiler warning.
  • incorporated Samir´s latest Italian translation.
  • aa: made si50 bin icon, removed si50 and phunsy pgm icons.
  • si50: removed support for obsolete pgm format.
  • arcadia: fixed incorrect circus overlay.
  • aa: fixed: memory editor: changing guests didn´t refresh the row labels.
  • fixed bad game sensing when loading COS/COR files.
  • added more keyboard shortcuts.
  • "log i/o ports?" option now consults WR and WW settings.
  • debugger: fixed: G command was repeating the text.
  • debugger: fixed: R S command was broken.
  • lz: fixed: enemy bullet collisions didn´t work.
  • incorporated Stefan´s latest German translation.
  • lz: fixed: player 2 controls didn´t work.

Changes between V23.0 and V23.01:
  • wa: fixed: sometimes a keypress or click in the CPU monitor was opening the output window.
  • aa: memory editor: memory row labels now change according to the region being viewed/edited (like wa).
  • debugger: added WW (watch writes on/off) command.
  • wa: fixed: spanish tools menu had an extraneous item.
  • now ctrl+shift+3/amiga-# can be used for memory editor.
  • aa: fixed: sprite editor: some gadgets were not showing their entire contents.
  • incorporated Samir´s latest Italian translation.
  • fixed some harmless GCC compiler warnings.
  • lazarian: improved default dip switch settings.
  • lazarian: fixed: some dip switch gadgets weren´t updated or ghosted correctly.
  • fixed: 2650-B: some opcodes had the wrong pseudocode.
  • 2650: improved disassembly of PSU/PSL instructions, in signetics mode.

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