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Titel: Frontends: DBGL v0.79  BeitragVerfasst am: 25.03.2015, 20:52 Uhr
Banned Team Member

Anmeldungsdatum: 30. Okt 2004
Beiträge: 5751

Status: Offline

Eine neue Version des in Java geschriebenen DOSBox Frontend DBGL wurde veröffentlicht.

A new version of the DOSBox front-end DBGL - written in Java - has been released.

v0.79 (03/08/2015)
  • Implemented DOSBox configuration sharing - share your DOSBox configurations with the community. A small database and HTTP RESTful service allows for submission and retrieval of configurations. The submissions are moderated by hand for the coming time. Once accepted, your submitted configurations become available to other DBGL users so that they can use them for setting up their game configuration. If you´re a developer and are interested in using this public RESTful service, please contact me via Vogons or e-mail.
  • Added support for the -fs and -size parameters when using the DOSBOx imgmount command. If you´d like to use the hdd image-mounting feature using an existing DBGL installation, you need to make a manual change in settings.conf. Please find the line for imgmount_type (around line 278) and add hdd, like so: imgmount_type=iso floppy hdd
  • Added support for booting from a specific drive letter (for example ´boot hdd.img -l C´).
  • Fixed a regression (since version 0.75c) when using multiple booter images, on opening of the profile-editing dialog only the first image-file would be filled in.
  • Refactored and improved boot/mount/imgmount command parsing.
  • Improved opening links associated with a profile so that the correct external application is used (Jan Larres).
  • Fixed importing GamePackArchives with very specific files on Windows systems (Neville).
  • Fixed a couple of rare crash-issues, various minor interface improvements.
  • Added a Greek translation by BraiNKilleR, a Slovenian translation from R33D3M33R, a Finnish translation from Joona Murtovaara and a Portugese-Brazillian translation by Odmar Miranda. Some translation improvements for Spanish and Polish done by Neville and ZeroX4.
  • Upped the system requirements from Java 1.5 to Java 1.7.
  • Updated launch4j, commons-io, commons-lang and Junit. A jersey-2.13 lib was added and SWT was updated to 4.4.2. On Linux systems, GTK2 is used in favor of GTK3, for the moment.

You can find the new ´share´ function in the profile-editing dialog; one button to share your configuration with the community, and one to search for a configuration in the on-line database, based on the game´s title.

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