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Post subject: pfeMAME v2.15.4  PostPosted: Jan 24, 2021 - 08:52 AM
Site Admin

Joined: Jul 04, 2004
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pfeMAME ist ein Frontend für MAME, das in der Programmiersprache Python geschrieben wurde. pfeMAME läuft platformübergreifend, getestet wurde es vom Autor unter Windows und Ubuntu Linux. 

pfeMAME is a frontend for MAME written in Python. It is cross platform (tested on Linux - Ubuntu and Windows XP). It also includes a graphical Tile View designed for MAME cabinets which allows control using joystick / gamepad. pfeMame was written by Gareth Finch and started in 2014. 

  • Added ‘Ctrl-P’ text to the main Edit menu for ‘Preferences’
  • Added ‘ROM Preferences’ to the main Edit menu
  • Major update to the manual. Lots of corrections, better layout etc.
  • Right aligned the MAME version and Database Age information in the window
  • Right aligned the statusbar text relating to number of ROMs etc
  • Removed the ‘v’ from the MAME version information and removed a trailing space
  • Added a check for the catver.ini file version. If it doesn’t match the MAME version then the user is informed with a pop-up message. This is selectable from a new preference in the Preferences window.
  • Added logging of catver.ini file version
  • Added detection of numpad ENTER key to start a ROM
  • Fixed a long standing bug that would cause a ROM to be run if you pressed ENTER on a pop-up message. The ON_KEY_UP event would essentially propagate through to the window after the pop-up was closed. Changed to using ON_CHAR_HOOK and manually handling the up and down arrows.
  • When closing the right-click context menu, reset the status bar text to ‘Ready’ rather than leaving the last selected items help text.
  • Reduced the size of the category column. Most categories are not that long and for the few that are, truncating them isn’t a major issue.
  • Fixed some column layout in ROM Information. BAD ROMs were not aligning correctly.
  • Corrected how background panel colours were being set in Checkall ROMs.
  • Bumped up the minimum python version to 3.8 in order to support new features (e.g. the walrus operators)
  • Fixed a bug introduced some time ago where ROM specific preferences would no longer work. This was introduced when we added the -inipath option to the command line so that we could tell MAME where to find its INI file for Linux support. Problem was this also overrode where it would look for the ROM specific INI files. Have fixed it by providing both paths as you can specify more than one.
  • Redesign of the Preferences window. Options are now grouped in a TAB view to allow for room to add additional options moving forward. This was quite a significant re-write additional bugs may have been introduced. Each of the notebook TABs have been split out into separate include files which makes support moving forward a lot easier.
  • Added ‘Sound’ preferences to MAME preferences.
  • Removed duplicate code from preferences.py by combining the variable definitions methods used for mame.ini and rom specific ini files.
  • Added support for BGFX visual effects via the Video tab in preferences. You must have the Video System set to BGFX and you must have the MAME support folders (BGFX etc) in your MAME folder. I find the best settings as follows;
    • BGFX Backend: Auto
    • BGFX Screen Chains: ctg-geom
    • BGFX Shadow Mask: aperature-grille.png
  • Added new File path ‘Mapping folder’. This is for the per-rom input mapping. Works with the new addition below.
  • Added a right-click menu item ‘Copy controller mapping to this ROM’. This essentially allows for per-rom input mapping which is not supported natively in MAME. Run a ROM, define the input mapping as per normal. Then right click it and any other ROM you want to have the same permanent mapping and select the Copy option. Next time you run that ROM it will have that mapping. Please see the manual on ‘Controller Input Mapping’ for the full details.

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