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Post subject: BeebEm v4.17  PostPosted: Jun 20, 2021 - 10:41 AM
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BeebEm ist ein BBC Micro und BBC Master 128 Emulator.

BeebEm ist ein BBC Micro und BBC Master 128 Emulator.

Version 4.17 (Chris Needham, Tadek Kijkowski)
* Writes to the sound chip are now allowed while sound is disabled.
  This ensures that the sound chip is in the right state if sound is later
* Fixed sound frequency write. Setting frequency to zero should initalise
  the counter to 1024.
* The cursor is now disabled based on CRTC register R8 (see AUG p.366).
  This fixes the cursor display in Wizzy's Mansion and Pedro.
* Debugger improvements:
  * Fixed instruction 4B (ALR imm).
  * Set the initial input focus so that you can now open the Debugger
    window and type commands without having to click in the edit box.
  * Added 'over' command. This steps over a JSR instruction, i.e., runs to
    the next instruction in memory after the JSR.
  * Added a command to show existing labels.
  * Added a command to clear the output window.
  * Fixed help output to show all commands and aliases.
  * Fixed the 'file' command to allow the full 64k address space to be
  * The following commands now prompt for a filename if not given:
    labels load, save, file, script.
* Mouse input improvements:
  * Changed the right mouse button to control joystick button 2, which is
    useful for games such as Phoenix and Ripcord that use both joystick
  * Fixed the "Hide Cursor" option, which caused the cursor to flicker when
    using the mouse-stick options.
  * Added mouse capture option. To enable, select the "Capture Mouse"
    menu item and click in the window area. To release the mouse, press
  * Fixed "AMX L+R for Middle" option.
  * Fixed bug where Master 512 mouse input would sometimes be reversed.
    Master 512 configures interrupt on raising and falling CBx edges
    alternately. Instead of guessing which should be next, check selected
    edge in the PCR register.
  * Improved mouse responsiveness when captured.
* Fixed Mode 7 run-length optimisation in the video renderer
* Fixed the teletext font file. The 'W' character had one pixel missing.
* Improved Mode 7 screen capture to avoid distorting the image.
  Use the 640x512 option for best results.
* Reset double-height state at start of mode 7 screen. This fixes an
  issue where, if double height is enabled on the last character row of
  a mode 7 screen, the top row of the screen would also be treated as
  double height. This effect could be seen in the Twin Kingdom Valley
  instructions pages.
* Fixed Solidisk Sideways RAM emulation. Writes to RAM bank are selected
  by User VIA output port B even if the bank selected by &FE30 is writable.
* Fixed Preferences.cfg file backwards compatibility.
* Fixed reading the tube coprocessor selection from BeebEm 4.14
  Preferences.cfg files.
* Fixed crash when loading multiple ADFS images from the command line.
* Fixed PrinterEnabled preferences option, which was not being
  saved/loaded correctly.
* Added BeebEm.user.props.example file and updated the instructions
  for how to compile BeebEm.

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