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Post subject: Diverse: Free42 1.3.16 (07-02-2006)  PostPosted: Feb 06, 2006 - 10:57 PM
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Free42 ist eine freie Re-Implementierung des HP-42S Taschenrechners, der von 1988 bis 1995 von Hewlett-Packard hergestellt wurde. Free42 ist eine komplette Neufassung und enthält keinen HP Code.
für Window,PalmOS und Linux.

Free42 is a free re-implementation of the HP-42S scientific programmable RPN
calculator, which was made from 1988 until 1995 by Hewlett-Packard.
Free42 is a complete rewrite and contains no HP code whatsoever.
At this time, the author supports versions that run on PalmOS, Microsoft
Windows, and Linux.

07-02-2006: version 1.3.16

* A few obscure printing fixes (PRX now prints complex scalars left-justified if they do not fit on one line; the same now happens for command printing in NORM and TRACE modes).

* Modified most skins so all the sensitive rectangles are now as large as possible, making keys easier to hit with the mouse. (The sensitive rectangle for a key is the area on the screen where a mouse click will cause the key to be pressed; in several skins this area was the size of the keys themselves, but after this modification, the area extends several pixels beyond the keys, meaning you can be a bit sloppier now, which is good because it reduces strain on the arm muscles and tendons.) I did not change the Semi-Auto skins yet, because my automatic rectangle- stretching program currently only handles 37-key layouts. Fortunately, the Semi-Auto skins already have large sensitive rectangles, which cannot be enlarged much further anyway. (I know, lame excuse!)

* In skins/SemiReal42.gif and palmskins/SemiReal42_HD.gif, moved the Rv key one pixel to the left. It´s been annoying me forever -- can´t think why I didn´t fix this earlier. Smile

06-02-2006: version 1.3.15

* The PRX command no longer prints three asterisks when printing a complex number or a matrix. Also, when printing a matrix, in addition to printing the descriptor line (as shown in the display), it now prints the matrix contents as well. These changes bring the Free42 PRX command in line with the HP-42S.

* Windows & Unix versions: fixed handling of PC keyboard key rollover (i.e. pressing a key before the previous key is released). This should fix the problem of keystrokes being missed when typing rapidly.

* Windows & Unix versions: when the A..F menu in the BASE application is active, the A through F keys are now mapped to the corresponding menu keys, regardless of the keyboard map -- so you can now enter a number like FCE2 without having to use the mouse or the F1-F6 keys.

* Added MacDashboard version to the source distribution. No binary distribution, alas, because I don´t have a MacOS X build environment. MacDashboard code written by D. Jeff Dionne.

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